Why did summer leave young and restless? – Fans Unhappy😞

why did summer leave young and restless? Most of the fans are upset😞 because they want Hunter King as Summer Neman in the young and the restless and also wants to know why did Hunter King leave the young and the restless?

Before starting today’s news blog let me ask you, are you all unhappy with the new Summer Newman character portrayed by Allison Lanier, But why all are you upset?

I understand that Hunter King Portrayed good Character in the young and the restless and now it is time for Allison Lanier, why don’t we want her to give chance?

Why did summer leave young and restless? - Fans Unhappy😞
Why did summer leave young and restless?

I know that you all have lots of emotion attached to the Hunter King but I am sure that one day you will have the same emotion with Allison Lanier in the future.

Let’s check what Young and the restless fans say

Fans 1: I want to give her a Chance! I don’t think that she is a bad actress, but hasn’t made it her own, yet!! We shall see!!! I can tell that she is going to have some growing pains, so let’s give her a month, and I’ll let you know!!! We all need a chance at a new gig!!

Fans 2: I liked the old summer she was bubbly and serious this one I’m not sure she just doesn’t fit right she wouldn’t have cozied up to KYLE’S mother like that u need to get rid of Kyle’s mother anyway never did like her.

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Fans 3: Please Summer come back! Young and the Restless contract negotiations pushed you out the door. Isn’t there something that can be done?? Please please please come back! They worked things out with Kyle and brought him back!

Fans 4: Don’t like the new “Summer” at ALL. Even if you can’t get Hunter back, get someone else to play the part. Don’t like the looks of this new girl-seems stuck up & w/a nasty attitude. Don’t think she’ll make the grade.

Fans 5: I feel Hunter needs to come back. This new actress is not cutting it for me.
While on the subject the guy they chose to portray Ashland Locke is not a good fit for this role. He just does not have the excitement and pizzazz the other Ashland had.

Fans 6: Bring back Hunter King. She is the right Summer for Kyle. Hunter is great and perfect for this part. The new Summer doesn’t seem to fit well and she looks fake.

Fans 7: I have to agree that the Sumner recast is disappointing, to say the least. She does not appear to have the business savvy or the maturity for the role. No doubt it was a contract issue. It always comes down to $$$.

But, Why did summer leave young and restless? According to the News source, Hunter king left the young and restless because she is busy with her upcoming movies.

Don’t forget to comment on your points of view, Is a New character good or not?

3 thoughts on “Why did summer leave young and restless? – Fans Unhappy😞”

  1. Don’t like the new Summer but willing to give her a CHANCE – ha ha

    Good luck to Hunter
    Hope she makes it big

  2. I also miss They original summer She was very easy to like my sisters feel the same way too we all wish she’d come back they should have gave her the money she was asking for Because they may lose some viewers


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