The Bold and the Beautiful Spoiler July 4

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoiler July 4 Eric Forrester makes a big announcement. John Finn tries to trick his birth mother and the person who is holding him. Jack Finnegan looks for Li Finnegan at the same time that Taylor Hayes questions Deacon Sharpe.

Mike will be asked to help Shella Carter with Finn. Mike won’t be able to say no to Sheila, especially when they think about the best times they’ve shared.

Mike will be shocked to find out that Finn is still alive. Sheila’s story about what happened might not be the whole truth, though. Also on Monday, Carter Walton, Paris Buckingham, and Quinn Forrester’s emotional day end in a way they did not expect.

There are rumors that “Quarter” will get back together, but what does that mean for Paris?
Steffy Forrester Finnegan will talk about her life with Finn on Tuesday, July 5. Even though Steffy still thinks Finn is dead, there are hints that she and Finn will have something in common.

Finn’s heart will stop when he gets back to L.A. Sheila will do everything she can to save her real son. Mike begs Sheila not to use the shock paddles as she pulls them out. Sheila will, however, do anything to save Finn.

Wednesday, July 6, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show that Sheila’s plan works.
Finn’s heart starts to beat again, and he also wakes up. Expect Finn to be surprised as he looks around and asks questions.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoiler July 4

Taylor and Ridge Forrester will be thinking about the time they spent with Sheila. Tridge will promise that she won’t let Sheila get away from justice. On July 7, Jack will finally be back. Taylor and Thomas Forrester will get a visit from Jack.

Jack will want to know about Li and Finn. Now, it’s interesting that Jack wants to know about both his wife and his son. This means that Jack is living under a rock and doesn’t know that Finn is dead.

If Jack knows that Finn is still alive, Li might not have told Jack where they were hiding.
Matsuda is back on set, which makes me wonder how Li survived the crash and where she is now.

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On Friday, July 8, Eric will likely say something important. Almost everyone will know by this time that Eric Logan and Donna Logan are back together. So, once his divorce from Quinn is final, could Eric decide that he wants to marry Donna?

Fans can also expect Ridge to tell Taylor some bad news about Brooke during the week of July 4. When the power goes out, Ridge and Brooke Logan Forster make their own electricity.
Also, Taylor asks Deacon a lot of questions about Sheila as “Tridge” in order to find out about Mike.

When Finn’s memories come back, Sheila begs him to forgive her. Finn will also try to trick Sheila, which is also hinted at. Due to scheduling conflicts, this scene may not be shown until the week of July 11. The Bold and the Beautiful Spoiler July 4.

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