Is Voight leaving chicago pd: Shocking News for Voight fans

Is Voight leaving Chicago PD: As we all know that Voight is among one of the biggest cast members on the Chicago fire and has a huge fan following over the internet, you all might be happy to watch Voight on season 9 but will he appear on season 10?

Well, most of the fans want to know whether will Voight leaving Season 10 or will make comeback in season 10, so here we will discuss what is the reason for his leaving the Chicago PD?

As we all know that Season 9 has not gone well for the Voight but the question comes will season 10 go well, but it can only go well If he didn’t leave the Chicago PD.

Voight leaving Chicago PD

Chicago PD’s 9th season has gone well by wrapping up the case of the high-stakes case on Escano, we have seen lots of collateral damage while closing the season.

But as we all know Season 9th closing has not gone well for the Voight which indicates the exit of Voight from Chicago PD in Season 10th.

Is Voight leaving chicago pd: Shocking News for Voight fans
Is Voight leaving Chicago PD: Shocking News for Voight fans

Now the most important question is Voight leaving Chicago PD? Yes, but the answer to this question is very confusing because till now there is no confirmation from the official about Voight leaving the Chicago PD.

But there are lots of rumors going on over the internet by the fans that Voight is leaving the show, well we can’t believe that rumors are true so we should wait for season 10.

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I know there are lots of fans who might be upset if Voight leaves the show because he is one of the favorite cast in the Chicago PD that everyone loves Including me.


Well, I am sure that I was able to answer your Question is Voight leaving the Chicago PD? and I am sure that you have found the answer for what you were looking for or finding over the internet.

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