Is Mark Harmon coming back to NCIS?

Is Mark Harmon coming back to NCIS? Are you fans of Mark Harmon in NCIS? I know that most of you are upset because mark Jarmon left but the good news for everyone as Mark Harmon coming back to NCIS?

I know guys that you all are really happy to know that Mark Harmon coming back to NCIS, well Gibbs is a favorite character in the NCIS that I loved, and hope most of you all loved the character.

Well, I am sure that you all are happy to welcome your favorite character to the show.

As we all know that Mark Harmon is an American actor and he portrayed the role of Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS.

Is Mark Harmon coming back to NCIS?
Is Mark Harmon coming back to NCIS?

Let’s see what fans say about Mark Harmon

Fans 1: After 18 years, Harmon wanted to switch what he was doing. How many people today do the same job for that long? He is still involved with the show, just behind the camera only. I understand it is constant stability in people’s lives, but he has the right to change what he is doing in life after 2 decades. For me, It is one of 3 shows I watch weekly. Glad to be watching the show once again on a TV.

The show could have stopped when others left. You are still watching because the show realized people still wanted to watch the show. Thank you writers for keeping the show going with new characters. Thank you actors and actresses for playing said parts. Thank you to the person(s) who thought of the premise for the show. You were truly on the mark.

Fans 2: Do I miss Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva .. yes? Do I like Gary Cole and think he’s doing a good job .. yes. Did I like Abby, yes? Do I want her back, no? She burnt her bridges. Trashing other cast members when you leave is so unprofessional.

Fans 3: Mark Harmon is an Executive Producer for NCIS and will do what he wants when he wants to do it. He’ll eventually rejoin the show this season for a few episodes and then decide if he wants to continue as an actor on NCIS.

Fans 4: Trying to bring back new characters is like changing a favorite recipe. The recipe is good because it’s original. You need to bring back the real Gibbs, Abby, Tony, and Ziva. You had a great show and you need them to make it original. Original is the best.

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Fans 5: I hope Mark Harmon does come back. The show is not the same without him. I wish Abby and Tony would come back also. The show needs them. You are taking out key people and that’s not good. I have been watching the show since the beginning, bandit is not the same with everyone gone. Please bring them back.

I would love for Tony and Ziva to come back to get married, and Gibbs to come back for their wedding. Once they’re back, who knows. Depending on what else they have going on maybe they, especially Gibbs, can come back as a contractor, for special cases.

Well, hope to see Mark Harmon in the upcoming episode🙂🙂

7 thoughts on “Is Mark Harmon coming back to NCIS?”

  1. Well I so liked Gibbs on the show, I mean he started the show and stared for almost 20 years however the adjustments made after his departure have been good. I would love to see him back though! I’m steaming that the show Magnum PI was canceled! Great show also! Unbelievable!

    • I have watched since season one episode one. I have seen people come and go is it sad? Yes but the writing is so amazing and the new actors coming and going have created a great flow. It’s life nothing stays the same. Here’s to whatever happens!! I will be there.

    • I love Mark Harmon. Would love for Gibbs to come back. I have never liked the new guy Parker. Nothing he’s been on, have never liked Parker, Nothing he’s ever been in. Kill him off Parker has ruined everything he’s done. If Gibbs comes back great if not McGee should take leadership. If Parker stays gonna have to quit watching NCIS. ALL THESE YEARS OF WATCHING NCIS PARKER RUINED IT. Will quit watching if he stays. Got enough reruns to keep me happy won’t watch that thing never liked anything he’s ever done.

  2. Yes Gibbs (Mark Harmon) should come back. NCIS, though is always an excellent show, just hasn’t been the same since his departure. There aren’t many shows on tv main stream that are wholesome and thoughtful and done as well as NCIS. With that said, yes I agree with others on bringing Tony and Ziva (with their baby girl, for those that have forgetten) but that seems like it would be too difficult…. But I’d love to see it happen 🙂 that would be open so many story lines, especially with Gibbs being able to play grandpa type role lol…
    Here’s to praying for Mark Harmons return… And many more seasons…. In mean time, I’ll keep watching all the seasons on Netflix/or demand or where ever I can….
    If there’s any way to get all seasons… All off them… On DVD please let me know…. I’ve asked Santa, but I haven’t gotten them yet. 🙂 Thanks

  3. I have watched NCIS N 1st came on TVI didn’t even recorded several episodes so I could watch them and sometimes I’ll sit all day and watch one But I didn’t like was when they Took some key people off the show that was a huge mistake Gibbs seem to Be the main character And he was good in the show but so were Abby Tony and ziva it was the combination of all of them that made the show so good not just Gibbs Every time someone left the show I started liking it a little less and less But I suppose with Gibbs being the director whatever he could do whatever he wanted I think they should bring back some of the old app video actors like Abbey and Viva and leave and Tony and met and my Gibbs go ahead and take his vacation

  4. I have stopped watching NCIS since Mark Harmon left. My husband Mike still does ! I can’t stand what the producers have done to the show.


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