Is Bryton James leaving the young and the restless?

Is Bryton James leaving the young and the restless? Are you a fan of Bryton James? If yes then I am sure that you have heard the news about Bryton leaving the young and the restless.

Most of you are already upset because most of our favorite character has already left the show, once again it is time to say goodbye to other characters in the young and the restless.

Most of us have been watching this show since ’80 but when we see someone leave the show is like just saying goodbye to one of our family members.

I am deeply saddened by Ray leaving the young and the restless, his character could have gone in so many directions besides death, leaving Sharon with another burden…….

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Not only me there are lots of fans of the Rey missing him a lot want to know more about Rey fans

Is Bryton James leaving the young and the restless?
Is Bryton James leaving the young and the restless?

I am really sad that Ray had to die why do they always do this he was a good cop on that show and everybody loved him to death it’s not fair to do this I don’t like Sharon and I don’t care much for Chelsea I don’t like Adam either and I definitely don’t like Ashton you people get your storylines straight I’m going to quit watching we all know the Young and the restless has been on forever I’ve watched them growing up but I am thinking about this not watching it anymore every time we fall in love with one of the actors or actresses they have to die or get killed off you need to stop it

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well let’s come out of Rey’s topic, we will discuss him in our next article, today we all are here for Bryton James, he is also a good character without him the young and the restless show will remain like missing someone.

But who is Bryton James? Bryton James is an American Actor, he portrayed the role of Devon Hamilton in the young and the restless.

Now the most important question is Is Bryton James leaving the young and the restless? the answer to this question is very confusing because till now there Is no confirmation made by the official.

Most of the fans say that he can leave the young and the restless and most of say no he will not leave

I am a really big fan of Bryton James I hope he won’t be leaving. I want the old summer back this new character does not play summer Newman at all and she is not pretty then the other one Phyllis and Jack make a very nice couple . What is going on with my favorite character Mr.Bill Spencer I want him and Katie to reunite where is Katie?

Look what fans say

I’ve watched the Y&R for 50 yrs. I’ve seen it all…the good, the bad, and the ugly. I love a good romance and relationship story but I haven’t seen that in a while… maybe since Kyle and Lola. The Sharon, Adam, Chelsea trilogy got on my nerves. NO MATTER WHAT, Sharon can’t seem to “stay in her lane” even when her MARRIAGES are falling apart. Don’t get me started on Phyllis…is she still there? Also, I agree Victoria needs to “put on her BIG GIRL PANTIES” and get over Adam. She finally got a “love” that wasn’t already in the Y&R rotation. However, I like the first Ashton. Seen him on other shows that WEREN’T SOAPS. Maybe that was the difference. Billy spends way too much time in OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES ‼️ Perhaps, that’s why all he has is a podcast…move on. By this time in their life, shouldn’t Nicki and Victor be traveling around the world, popping in for weddings and babies? I MISS KATHERINE CHANCELLOR!! She said and did what was necessary and left the room, like the deva she was. In the past year there has been so much 🐂 💩 for storylines I haven’t watched much since Marriah had the baby.

Don’t get me started on Abby…young, pretty, rich, successful, intelligent and folds like a cheap suit whenever it comes to making a decision about her life, her baby’s life… honestly I STOPPED WATCHING. I don’t know who’s, sleeping with whom AGAIN, Rey’s dead, Victoria gets on my nerves, DEAD MAN WALKING… first JT then Diane…sure I’ve missed somebody. NOW SUMMER AND KYLE ARE BACK!! Are things THAT BAD that you have to introduce the “POSSIBILITY” of Chelsea carrying a dead man’s child! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Y&R and the B&B were shows I watched daily, even re-arranging my day so I wouldn’t miss an episode. Haven’t seen B&B since Sheila brought her “cocoa-like coo pops” back into the picture. Although, I’m sad to know Finn’s dead [maybe] I expected him to have more “backbone” when it came to “his birth mother” who just showed up in the shadows at his wedding after being MIA…ALL HIS LIFE. I hope he’s one of the “dead men walking” that returns. Until something worth watching returns to either show, I’d rather go to Chemo.

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5 thoughts on “Is Bryton James leaving the young and the restless?”

  1. Why devon leaving they the young and the restless and i want the right summer back and dont nick and sharon back together!!!!

  2. He’s story line has been really boring as well as Billy, Lily, Nate and Bates gf. I often find myself fast forwarding when their part comes on.

  3. They need to get the real Summer back would like to see Noah and Tessa together. Mariah find her a good fella. Phyllis and Jack belong together. They need to stop replacing the characters with others that can’t act and play the roles as well. Just like Faith bring back the other Faith. Keep Devon.


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